How do I join stuask tutoring team?

We are always seeking new and talented tutors to add to our already long list of amazing tutors. If you think you have what it takes to tutor and help student improve and you

Apply to be a tutor and get approved

Our recruitment process is straightforward! You only need to express your interest in what we do, prove your skills, submit your academic documents and you will be hired if you fit the open positions.

Setup your profile and familiarize

Once your account is approved, you will proceed and set up everything and customize it to reflect your expertise and experiences

Start tutoring

It is easy to start tutoring within a few days after submission of your application. Students who like your profile will start trickling in

Working with stuask is rewarding! at same time you will be feel to choose your schedules and alter them as you go.

We value our freelance tutors and we know how much effort they put to ensure every student/client is satisfied. We belief fair rates and timely payments are the least they deserve.

The number of students requesting ‘your’ services is likely to grow consistently. However, how quickly the number of repeat clients grows is dependent on how  you will be relating with your clients.  We wish you all the best!

Apply today