Effective services are mainly anchored on quality, timeliness and promptness. As a fast growing company offering services to the most dynamic members of the society, we understand the need for availability, quality and timeliness. We have a rigorous recruitment process that ensures were only hire qualified and progressive tutors that easily ensure that you will always find a qualified tutor online whenever you choose to jump in.

Timeliness of solutions

Student focused services have really short expiry times. Most questions and challenges that students present seek help, are usually urgent. This means there is hardly not enough time to wait for a travelling tutor to settle or a sleeping one to wake up. Students will prefer a tutor that is available at the moment of need.


As a preferred platform for thousands of students from all over the world, we understand the need to have a diverse team of tutors that can easily cover almost all the academic disciplines and subjects. This reduces chances of disappointing our clients when they really need assistance.


A good platform is one that offers a client maximum flexibility; budget management, lesson planning, time allocation, lesson planning, et cetera. We understand the importance of being flexible to our clients requirements, thus allowing maximum flexibility.

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